A New Focus

Throughout our history, Windhaven Network’s focus has been solely on providing a framework upon which our associates could build their projects, providing access to the Internet in the form of Web Presence, E-Mail, SQL database capabilities, Social Engineering and Marketing. As the needs of our clients have evolved, however, we’re found our role in the… Continue reading A New Focus

Regroup & Redeploy

There hasn’t been a lot to report on the Windhaven Network web site. We’ve been quietly working on some diabolical products which we hope to introduce to the general public in 2010, and that is our primary focus at the moment. If you’ve attempted to visit this web site portal during the last several months,… Continue reading Regroup & Redeploy

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Servers Hacked

The following domains are temporarily unavailable due to hacker activity; – floozeesdoozees.com – paganteahouse.com – sinistercrue.com – thewatch.wicasta.com – wicasta.com We’re preparing a roll-back of services for these domains, and will update this web page shortly in regard to status. Paramilitary commandos from the Diabolical Products division are en route to the hackers’ location(s) for… Continue reading Servers Hacked

Windhaven Network Site Back Online

The Windhaven Network web site has finally gone online again. This is following much wrangling over DNS settings and has concluded with us removing our account from Network Solutions. Hopefully from here on out the web site can grow without pesky interference from annoying things like misconfigured DNS and NameServer settings (long story).