WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started

Get started with WordPress Quickly and Easily. It’s a fairly simple application that does a decent job of running a website. http://jream.com/learning

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New Mobile Capabilities Being Hatched In The Lab

I’m testing some new mobile options for our hosting clients that will see all hosted web sites soon enjoying full flexibility when it comes to a mobile version of each web site. I’m testing a common theme to accompany our automated switcher (which automatically detects mobile devices and switches to a pre-installed mobile theme). You… Continue reading New Mobile Capabilities Being Hatched In The Lab

Beyond Radio Network

We’re pleased to welcome the Beyond Radio Network to our roster of clients. Their web site has gone live and will soon be the base for an exciting new Internet Radio station out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Windhaven Network is pleased to provide web hosting as well as technical support for the set-up of the… Continue reading Beyond Radio Network

Windhaven Web Site Upgraded

As per a request by the band, we have recently completed a full upgrade and over-haul of Windhaven’s official web site @ Windhaven.us. We hope to continue to provide Web and Internet services to the band throughout their career, and have enjoyed providing some small part of their arsenal. In addition to a cosmetic make-over… Continue reading Windhaven Web Site Upgraded

Building A Better Bomb

We’ve gone back to the legendary Windhaven Network laboratory to reinvigorate ourselves with some of that alchemical magic that has made us so successful in the field of Applied Perception. Obviously, we had become somewhat distracted by our recent campaigns in the Balkans and northeast Africa, but we have returned with our travel trunks full… Continue reading Building A Better Bomb

Trouble Creek Band

We are very happy to welcome Trouble Creek Band to our roster of supported domains, and look forward to being a part of the band’s take-over of the Tampa Bay area music scene. If you like good, old fashioned Southern Rock, you’ll love Trouble Creek Band. Drop by their web site and say hello. Tell… Continue reading Trouble Creek Band

You’re Not The One

A great video by the band Windhaven about spousal abuse. Click on the link to view the video.

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Introducing Our Multi-Media, Web Design & Hosting Services

We are pleased to introduce a line of new services by our founder, Wicasta Lovelace. If you know our company, you no doubt know that Wicasta has always been the driving force behind Windhaven Network. It just makes good business sense to make his skills and services available through Windhaven Network itself. We will soon… Continue reading Introducing Our Multi-Media, Web Design & Hosting Services